Welcome to Handheld Press

Handheld Press is an independent publishing company, based in Reading, in southern England. We are working on our first books, which are scheduled to be published in October 2017. Do Follow us on WordPress for regular updates, and Like our Facebook page. We will also be pleased to receive messages and comments: please use the Contact form, on its own page, or on some of the other pages.

The About page will tell you more about the books we plan to publish, and who we are.

The Postcards page is our blog about setting up in publishing, updated regularly.

The Handheld Classics page is about the reprints we’re publishing, of out of print books with critical introductions. Fiction and non-fiction, young and old and ageless.

The Handheld Research page tells you about our research passions, the books by scholars who have wonderful stories to tell.

The Handheld Translation page outlines our plans for publishing English translations of works from Dutch, German, Danish, we’re open to suggestions.

The Handheld Modern page is where we look to the future, and publish science fiction, new writers, new thinking, new stories.

If you’d like to send us a proposal form, look on the home page for the kind of book you would like us to consider.

Please write to us at enquiries [that symbol] handheldpress.co.uk.

Welcome to the Handheld Press!